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Plain Answers about the Amish Life

If you have questions about the Amish, you've come to the right place! Here you'll find all sorts of resources, fun facts, photos, and more.

Beyond this website, also be sure to check out Plain Answers About the Amish Life by Mindy Starns Clark. Presented in a handy, accurate, and fascinating question-and-answer format, this book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Amish but were afraid to ask.

As a writer of Amish fiction and nonfiction, Mindy's goal, as always, is to provide helpful and reliable information about Amish faith, life, and values. As you explore this website and her books, may you enjoy learning more about this delightful people and the entire Amish faith culture.

Plain Answers About the Amish Life can be purchased wherever books are sold.

Amish Reader

For every copy of this book sold, a donation will be made to...

Amish Reader
...the "Caring Fund" at Philhaven, a non-profit organization that provides mental and behavioral healthcare services to the Amish. Learn more here.